About iLAND Green Technologies

Designers & Manufacturers of Solar Products

iLAND Green Technologies designs solar chargers, solar generators and integrated solar power solutions.  We offer ‘turnkey’ solar generators, solar chargers, solar awnings and rollable and foldable solar panels. iLAND Green Technologies holds worldwide patents on several products.

We have focused our product development and research on creating solar-powered generator replacements for fuel generators.  Our products have found a natural use in military, civil defense, search and rescue and rural electrification projects in emerging countries.  

Our portable solar chargers and solar generators are also ideal for use in outdoor activities where access to power is limited.  Trekkers, hikers, campers and several teams of explorers have used iLAND portable solar power products.  


iLAND Green Technologies Founder:

Daniele Oppizzi

iLAND's Founder, Daniele Oppizzi is the inventor behind iLAND's patented products.


Daniele Oppizzi (top-left photo)
Daniele Oppizzi, Chairman of the Swiss Solar Technology Cluster (top-right photo)
Daniele Oppizzi with Prince Albert of Monaco (lower photo)

iLAND Green Technologies Team:

  • Daniele Oppizzi : CEO
    Louis-Philippe Antunes : COO
    Richard Tille : Europe Market development
    Najoua Afkir : Back Office Director
    Garance Deschenaux : Executive assistant
    Céline Fischer : Executive assistant
    Sylvain Oppizzi : Production assistant
    Sergio Lopes : Product development assistant
    Bertrand Pinon : Event Communications